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By: Mary L. Wagner, PharmD, MS

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This prospect is serious for all universities but perhaps most acute for the 25 universities just below the first half dozen in size and resources symptoms 8 days after conception buy cheap oxcarbazepine 600mg online. The large wartime university research laboratories have drawn upon the intermediate universities for staffs symptoms bipolar purchase oxcarbazepine 150mg with mastercard. Such tried and experienced men can make valuable contributions in their home institutions if adequate funds are made available medicine werx generic 150 mg oxcarbazepine free shipping. This committee does not feel that it is desirable to medications qd buy cheap oxcarbazepine 150 mg supply these funds by a series of annual congressional appropriations for specific projects; the difficulties these have raised within the Government service testify to the evils that would be introduced into the university environment by this practice. The preservation of academic freedom requires that funds be allocated in a way that would minimize the possibility of external control and would encourage long-term projects. Recommendations for the formation of a National Research Foundation and additional responsibilities with which it may be charged appear elsewhere in this report. To give funds intelligently in support of fundamental research is a difficult task and there is no generally accepted rule of procedure. The private foundations follow a number of different policies and are constantly revising their procedures on the basis of accumulating experience. A Government board would have new and perplexing problems stemming from its status as an arm of the Government, and from the fact that the resources at its command would presumably be large in comparison with those of any single university or private foundation. The committee recommends, therefore, that such a board be in large measure free to formulate its own rules of procedure for allocating funds to universities, as long as these do not transgress certain broad general principles. In fact, the increased emphasis on research, which will be the object of the Foundation, itself constitutes a change in policy. And despite the fact that our committee is concerned only with the natural sciences, action along the lines proposed cannot fail to have influence on the humanities and the social sciences. It is our hope and belief that the provision of funds for the natural sciences would, in some measure, free university funds for use in the other fields. Aside from such general influences, however, it would be necessary to devise ways and means of allocating funds in large measure without determining what particular problems are to be worked on and who is to carry them out. The principle of variety and decentralization of control is nowhere more important than in scientific work, where the fostering of novelty must be the first concern. One of the most useful ways of preserving these opportunities is to allow the greatest possible latitude to the accumulated wisdom of university administrative officers and faculties. The committee has given a great deal of thought to the technical form in which Government grants should be made in order best to reflect these principles. It does not wish to recommend that the proposed board be restricted to the use of any particular plan, as experience will undoubtedly reveal in each defects and advantages which cannot be predicted beforehand. The committee, however, feels that any instrumentality set up to aid research in universities should be empowered to allocate funds in any or all of the following ways: 1. MatchingGrantstoPrivateandStateSupportedInstitutions It is proposed that research funds be made available to accredited universities, colleges, and engineering schools on a matching basis, and in a manner that will be virtually automatic. These grants would be contingent upon satisfying the administrating board that certain clearly stated requirements, largely of a technical bookkeeping nature have been met by the particular institution in question. The grant would be for fluid research purposes within the institution, rather than to any particular department or person. Once a university were accepted as a participant in this plan, and as long as it continued to meet the required conditions, it would expect to receive the grant as a regular annual appropriation, with no other control than some form of government audit to insure that the money was, in fact, used in support of research. The Government would match dollar for dollar (or according to any other simple formula) the sums the university expended for research. Although certain practical difficulties must be recognized and dealt with, many considerations make such matching grants attractive in principle. First, and perhaps most important, it leaves to the recipient institution complete freedom in the selection of research programs and personnel. Second, it encourages local support and utilizes the important forces of local interest and pride, both in screening out unworthy projects and in carrying through worth-while ones. Third, the size of the grant is geared more or less realistically to the 104 ability of the institution to utilize it effectively. Fourth, since the grants are largely automatic in character, the board is freed from the burden of investigating intensively the large number of potential recipients and arriving at a decision in regard to the merits and defects of each. The experience of the private foundations demonstrates that judgments of this sort are extremely difficult and time-consuming, even when pursued on a small scale. The burden of work for a Government board with much larger funds at its disposal is bound to be far greater. There is, of course, the practical problem of determining research costs as distinguished from other outlays.

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He answered that Himmler had ordered these experiinel~ts and that I had specifically objected to symptoms of pneumonia generic 300 mg oxcarbazepine mastercard being included in the matter treatment yeast infection nipples breastfeeding purchase oxcarbazepine 300 mg with visa, and consequently no longer had any right to medicine during pregnancy purchase oxcarbazepine 150 mg on line interfere in his business symptoms zoning out order oxcarbazepine 600mg fast delivery. This was the period in which Block 50 was being prepared for the production of the vaccines. Ding writes in one of his documents that on the 10th of August this block was occupied and that work in producing the vaccine was begun. Kogon also described at some length how I inspected the institute, how I went into every room. I asked many questions, had many conversations with the inmates there; he further testified that I was with Ding in his room for only a very brief period of time, and that is also correct. This series was carried out with a vaccine similar to the Behring vaccine, manufactured by a different firm. I submit to the Tribunal as the next document, Mrugowsky 12, and I put it in evidence as Mrugowsky Exhibit 25. After the customary introduction the statement reads: "The above person requested the notary to draw up an affidavit and declared and deposed the following under oath and after having been duly informed of the meaning of an &davit: "1. The production of typhus vaccines based on the egg culture process began as early as 1941. Later on, the prescribed process according to Gildemeister and Haagen was introduced. Experiments on animals for the purpose of testing the manufactured vaccines were taken up simultaneously with the beginning of the production and were carried out continuously. The vaccine t d erance was tested by protective vaccinations of employees; all employees connected with the typhus department or who came in contact with employees working therein, were vaccinated. I n addition, d l other employees had the privilege of receiving protective vaccination against typhus on demand and without charge. I n the course of time, about one thousand employees were vaccinated against typhus. As far as I know, there was no correspondence between the firm of Asid, Serum Institute G. I n any case, as far as I know, I never discussed that question with Professor Mrugowsky, nor did I forward the vaccines to him for testing. At the same time, the organization of delousing by the Asid Serum Institute Koenigsberg was discussed. There also may have been discussion of general questions in connection with active immunization, especially against scarlet fever, diphtheria, and tetanus. I t can be seen from this that the vaccines for this series did not go via you from Ding; is that true? I went over there with him; and I remember quite well that I was led to the lower floor of a stone building, where there were a number of room-like partitions. I n the first room there were a few men playing cards; Ding told me that these were typhus convalescents who had survived typhus and who were to be released. I talked to them and found that their state of health was good and that the usual after-effects of typhus were no longer in existence. I think one of them was ill even when he arrived and the others had fallen ill shortly after their arrival in Buchenwald, and then were transferred to the typhus station. At that time he had concluded the experimental series number V I I with Asid vaccines as I can see from this document. Our conversation merely dealt with the work carried on in Block 50 for the production of vaccine, which was really the purpose of my visit. I think we discussed a number of other hygienic questions concerning the vicinity of Buchenwald. I knew that there was a lack of water there from my previous activity; and I am sure that this was a subject which was discussed. This was ten days before Hoven had to end his activity as a camp physician in Buchenwald. I held that opinion, since it becomes evident from the documents here that the experimental series of that time had not led to any disease.

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On the basis of the evidence gathered medications 25 mg 50 mg order 600mg oxcarbazepine with amex, the Commission has come to treatment 8th feb discount oxcarbazepine 600 mg on line the conviction that Sergio Quintana died of political violence counterfeit medications 60 minutes generic oxcarbazepine 300 mg. Taking into account the evidence it has received and especially testimony from witnesses medications 377 cheap 600mg oxcarbazepine overnight delivery, the Commission has come to the conviction that Mбximo and Juan Rafael Bermъdez were victims of political violence. On August 23, 1984, a group of subversives robbed the Italiana and Real gunshops at Nos. In view of the evidence gathered, the Commission has come to the conviction that Guido Sepъlveda died a victim of political violence. On May 23, 1989, at the shopping center in Santa Rosa a group of youths broke into a store intending to rob it. In view of the evidence accumulated, the Commission has come to the conviction that Macarena Torres died a victim of political violence. As they were passing by they were both hit by bullets, and Robles died a few minutes later. In view of the evidence it has examined, the Commission has come to the conviction that Pablo Robles died a victim of political violence. That chapter also states that those who commit suicide in situations like the one described above are also regarded as victims of political violence. At this point we report on a number of cases of people who were victims of political violence during this period inasmuch as they were killed under such circumstances. The Commission has come to the conviction that Antonio Lagos died a victim of political violence. When he realized what was happening he tried to escape in the taxi in which he was riding. The Commission has come to the conviction that Ricardo Ruz died a victim of political violence. He died of a bullet to the head which the autopsy report stated was the kind of wound typical of suicide. The Commission has come to the conviction that Gabriel Riveros died a victim of political violence. He had been followed, and hence had preventively introduced an appeal for protection on his own behalf. That was the day on which the policeman guarding the flame of freedom on Cerro Santa Lucia was killed. The next day his family read in the newspapers that he had been killed in a gun battle with security services. The Commission has come to the conviction that Oscar Salazar died a victim of political violence. The newspaper said he had committed suicide when he realized that they had him trapped. The Commission has come to the conviction that Juan Trujillo died a victim of political violence. According to statements by witnesses, after her husband was arrested, investigative police tried to enter her house at Calle Petronila No. The Commission has come to the conviction that Arcadia Flores died a victim of the political violence of that moment. The Commission has come to the conviction that Lisandro Sandoval died a victim of political violence. The Commission has come to the conviction that Enrique Reyes died a victim of political violence. He went running and in the subsequent gun battle with 879 the agents he was fatally wounded. The Commission has come to the conviction that Ernesto Zъсiga died a victim of political violence. The Commission has come to the conviction that Dagoberto Cortйs died a victim of political violence. The Commission has come to the conviction that Fernando Iribarren died a victim of political violence. They were killed in the ensuing gun battle, according to evidence held by the Commission. The Commission has come to the conviction that Manuel Flores and German Osorio were victims of political violence.

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These were administrative measures whose adoption was justified by invoking the various states of exception that were in force medicine x pop up generic 300 mg oxcarbazepine overnight delivery. Military forces treatment kidney cancer oxcarbazepine 150mg fast delivery, and those of the police symptoms 9 weeks pregnant cheap oxcarbazepine 150mg free shipping, the investigative police treatment 2nd degree heart block buy generic oxcarbazepine 600 mg on line, and civilians conducted sweeps in large sectors of the southern part of Santiago through shantytowns in the districts of San Miguel, La Cisterna, and La Granja. Government forces violently forced their way into many houses and took objects that they regarded as subversive. The men were led on foot or in vehicles to nearby soccer fields in each shantytown where their documents were examined. As their documents were checked, they were either released or taken to police facilities. Army personnel usually guarded areas of special importance such as traffic circles, bridges, underpasses, and roads leading into the capital. On some occasions the government stepped in to take total control over the city, particularly during the fourth National Protest on August 11-12, 1983, and the National Strike held July 2-3, 1986. Army forces were especially harsh since they fired their weapons and did not have police experience in maintaining public order. Referring to those who were killed during the fourth Protest, when officials claimed that eighteen thousand soldiers were controlling the capital, one government official said, "People were killed during the protest demonstrations solely because army troops had to react when they were attacked. They also arrested demonstrators, who were then often beaten and mistreated, and sometimes tortured. When they came into the shantytowns, the police and army used their weapons, especially in the evening and at night. In certain limited areas members of the air force and navy were sometimes involved. Government agents took action against nonviolent forms of expression as well as against those that were violent. The Commission determined that it had to examine a particular situation in which some private citizens killed people in the context of mass political demonstrations. Even though the circumstances were unclear, different types of situations can be distinguished. These were generally civilians shooting from a moving unlicensed vehicle or from a vehicle used for public transportation. In such cases the nature of the political motivation of the perpetrators usually cannot be determined. While it is not out of the question that these might be actions committed by subversive groups aimed at making the demonstrations more violent, in some cases the Commission has had indications that these were individuals who supported the government in power. Indeed, the forces responsible for maintaining order were apparently sometimes aware of them or in complicity with them. The fact that the perpetrators often drove around at night during curfew in areas where the police were on patrol supports the conclusion that they had ties to government agents. However, on some occasions private citizens killed someone in self-defense or to defend their property. What they did is not regarded as violating human rights when it has all the features of proportionality and the like to make it legitimate. However, such persons may be regarded as victims of political violence in a more general sense as long as they are not proven to be among the perpetrators of the unjust attack that prompted 930 legitimate self-defense. Similarly, the actions of the government and its supporters sometimes remained within the bounds of political action that was lawful in terms of existing legislation, and on other occasions both government agents and private citizens committed abuses or assaulted fundamental human rights in their actions against mass demonstrations. Nevertheless, there were expressions of violence, especially in outlying shantytowns during the evening and at night. The efforts of social and political leaders to preserve the peaceful character of the demonstrations began to be overwhelmed starting in 1984, and hence the level of violence and disorderly conduct gradually increased. Likewise the measures the government took and the manner in which the government forces acted in order to prevent the disturbance of public order were often excessive. The climate of social confrontation intensified, and the most vulnerable sectors of society suffered the consequences. As the demonstrations increasingly lost their peaceful character and it became clearer that they were not being effective in bringing about their political objective, their impact diminished, especially after July 1986. Criteria for conviction As we have noted with regard to all human rights violations examined, the Commission carried out an investigation in order to ascertain the facts and basic circumstances required in order to come to a conviction about who was indeed a victim of such violations.

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